Important Grade Report Information

Harding Families,

On December 1st, a grade report for first quarter was sent out to the email you provided during registration. This report tells you the in-progress letter grade in each class, how many graded assignments are missing, and how many days your student has been absent. It is important to note that some classes may not have a letter grade by them & appear blank, but your student has missing assignments. If these graded assignments are not completed by semester that grade will be converted to a 0 (or an F). It may be deceiving that your student is doing better than they realistically are in that class. We want to give your student grace during this difficult time by not giving 0s from the start & just marking assignments as missing. This fits our grading model as well, students are given multiple attempts, in varied ways, and can always improve their grade if they are completing the work. If you notice your student doesn’t have an in-progress grade for a class, it is most likely due to missing work. You are also able to log into your parent portal to dig deeper into their grades to see what exactly is missing. Please contact that specific teacher to get additional information on how that student can make up that missing work. 

Harding Middle School

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