Increasing Communication with Teachers, Students, and Parents

Happy Fall Harding Families!
I wanted to share some news with you. Starting this fall, each grade level has its own administrator. Our goal is to increase communication with teachers, students, and parents. The grade level administrator will work more closely with each team to support classroom instruction and management, as well as student discipline. If your student is in need support, please contact the appropriate grade level administrator below.

Grade Level Administrators:
School Improvement Leader (SIL) Mike Pentek-8th Grade
School Improvement Leader (SIL) Maria Lantz- 7th Grade
Vice Principal (VP) Jason Snow- 6th Grade

I also wanted families to know who is on our student services team. The student services team works collaboratively to support students and families.

Student Services Includes:
Tara Surprenant- Behavior Coach
Leah Clark- School Social Worker
Justine Ryan- School Based Therapist
Cari Long- Success Worker
Damon Holland- Counselor
Sheri McNamara- SPED Consultant
If you need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call Harding between 7:00-3:00 Monday-Friday at 242-8445 to schedule an appointment to meet with me.
Thank you,
Joy Linquist, Principal of Harding Middle School
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