School Hours

2016-2017 School Hours
7:45am – 2:30pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday)
7:45am-1:00pm Wednesdays ONLY

ARRIVAL: The exterior doors on the North end of the building are open for student entrance at 7:20am (Exception Dart riders: entrance for those students is 7:00am due the early arrival of the buses). These doors are locked after classes begin at 7:45am. Students, family members, and visitors need to use the secured entrance on the South side of the building by the main office to enter after classes begin.

DISMISSAL: The dismissal bell rings at 2:30pm and students need to be out of the building at 2:40pm each day (except Wednesdays and then it will be by 1:10pm). All students need to be off campus 15 minutes after school is dismissed (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 2:45pm; Wednesday at 1:15pm). The only exception would be students who are with a staff member after school for a prearranged after school activity.

*There is limited staff supervision available for students past 2:45pm. It is a safety issue to have unsupervised students in the building or on campus. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in making sure your son or daughter has transportation arranged to be to school on time and leave campus in a timely manner.