About Wolf Pack


What is Wolf Pack? 

Harding Wolf Pack is our Student Leadership Group. Our mission is to support ALL students to develop leadership skills through community service learning and social opportunities while navigating the ever changing and challenging middle school years.

Who can be in Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack is for students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades who are passionate about helping our community and desire to grow their leadership skills. Wolf Pack members do have to apply and meet expectations to remain in Wolf Pack. Learn more about both here.

What does Wolf Pack do?

This year, Wolf Pack members will meet with their Wolf Pack Mentor in a small group at least every other week. WP Members will plan and participate in monthly community service projects and social opportunities or rewards. Wolf Pack Members also model Collaborative, Professional and Respectful choices and help make Harding safe and fun for all students and staff.

What are the perks of being a Wolf Pack member?

Wolf Pack Members are recognized on campus and in the community as student leaders. WP Members get access to Wolf Pack swag (t-shirts and more!), social opportunities, service projects, rewards and even field trips!

Already a Wolf Pack Member? 

Check your Canvas courses! You are now enrolled in your grade level Wolf Pack Course.


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