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Student/Parent Portal FAQ’s

What information is available to students and parents within the portal?

  • District and School announcements
  • Report cards
  • Attendance Records
  • Assessment Scores
  • Student schedules
  • Transportation Information
  • Lunch Balance
  • Online course request for secondary school students
  • Immunization records on file
  • Teacher newsletters
  • Household Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • And more…

Who has access to the Student/Parent Portal?

Student’s grades 6th through 12th. Their login information is available at the respective schools they attend (Front office or the site tech lead).

Parent/Guardian who has been designated as having legal rights to their children may request a parent portal account. Each parent/guardian will have their own unique account that can be used to gain access to student records that they have legal rights to.

How to establish a Student/Parent Portal account?

Parents new to the district will receive a portal account after enrolling their students at the Welcome Center.  Parents of current DMPS students without portal accounts should contact their student’s school building to have a portal account created for them.

As a parent, do I need my own account or can I use my child’s account?

All parents are strongly encouraged to set up their own account. Only a parent account has the privilege to update household information as well as the ability to view all children in a household from a single place. Parents also have the added benefit of receiving district and school-wide announcements.

Is my information secure while I view it within the Student/Parent Portal?

Infinite Campus uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology to ensure data is protected while information is in transit. It is similar to what the banking industry is utilizing.

How often is information updated in the Student/Parent Portal?

Attendance information will be updated daily. Grades and assignments will be updated as soon as they are graded by your child’s teacher(s).

How do I report errors or request updates to my information?

Log into your parent portal account and select “Household Information” from the index to update your household phone number or address. Select “Family Members” to update contact phone numbers for any members in your household. Select “Contact Preferences” to change the types of messages you receive from your student’s building(s). Otherwise, you may contact your child’s school administration office to request changes.

Is there a mobile app to access Infinite Campus on the go?

Yes, the Infinite Campus App is available for download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices:

  1. Launch the Campus App, select Settings, and choose “Des Moines Independent” for the district, and “Iowa” for the state.
  2. Enter your Campus Portal Username and Password.
  3. Select “Log In / Sign In”

Forgot your username/password? Additional Questions?

Please contact your child’s school administration office.