After School Programs

 See Calendar below for information on club meeting times and location.

Harding offers a wide variety of after school clubs.  See calendar for daily club offers and click on the clubs link for a list and short summary of each club!  Get involved and if you have any questions or want further details please contact Jeanette Carrington




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7th Grade TOP  from 12:30-1:26 in RM 146

Connect with your peers and the community through weekly discussions and service projects.

Build strong social and emotional strength skills

Learn about yourself

help the community!!!


GSA in RM 249 3:30-4:10

Email: Rose Rudd

8th Grade TOP 11:32-12:27 in the gym
Harding Breakerz 4-5PM (Cafeteria)



Sisters 4 Success in RM 109 3:30-4:30

Come build sisterhood with your Harding sisters!!!

Sponsor: Teylor Hamilton


Game Club in RM 230

board games, card games, all games!!!

This is a perfect club for 6th graders!!!  socialize with your friends!!!

Email: Geena Tracy



Come celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture

Spark interest in paving a bright future

build friendships

fun activities/ field trips/ team building/ goal setting/ community service project


Drama Club:

Like to hang out with fun, creative people? Try new things, think on your feet, work in teams, create and perform skits, play games, and learn how to captivate an audience?

In the auditorium from 3:30-5pm

*All are welcome! Email:

Video Game Club in RM 249 3:30-4:10

Come play FIFA 22, Madden AND 2K22!!!

Sponsor: Joe Wilson


Media Club- this new club is helping develop a Harding Newspaper!!!

Photographers, writers, interviewers, etc!!

Sponsor: Anna Mable

Art Club 3:30-4:00 (250)

Make works of art to take home, give as gifts, or sell!!!

Express yourself


Email: Devyn Falk

Capoeira Club 3:30- 4:30 (Fitness Room)

Learn the basics of Brazilian Martial Arts.  Enjoy an active space mixed with music, movements, and fun!


Poetry Workshop in RM 127

Email: Mark Shirbroun

Virtual computer game club:

Minecraft, ROBLOX, Pokémon go, all computer games!!  In Cafeteria from 3:30-4:15 with Mr. Carrington


Brothers 2 Brothers (every other Thursday) W/ Mr. Dexter

Come build brotherhood!!!

Bro time, community service projects, field trips, parties, and more!!!!


Tik Tok Club

Come create weekly tik tok content, compete challenges, and build Harding social media presence.

Dance/ prank/DIY……. all types of Tik Toks

In the Cafeteria from 3:30-4:10

Sponsor: Jeanette Carrington