Club Descriptions & Sponsor Contacts

Here is the list of after school activities, sponsors, and contact information: 

Culture Club: Create a safe space to learn about your culture and other’s cultures///Club Sponsor: Leah Jones

Art Club: Design beautiful pieces of art to display at school and in the community; DUAL LANGUAGE: Spanish & English///Club Sponsor: Cassie Kendzora

Drama Club: Perform in plays and musicals///Club Sponsor: Maranda Turner and Josh Burk

Movement 515: Spoken word poetry///Club Sponsor: Mark Shirbroun

Chinese Club: Learn Chinese through songs and practice///Club Sponsor: Patrick Oswald

GSA: Provide a welcoming, safe, and inviting atmosphere for all students regardless of  gender, sexual orientation, preference, race, religion, ethnicity. Click HERE for more info///Club Sponsor: Rose Daugherty-Rudd

Media Club: Run Harding’s social media sites, take pictures at games, and create the 2018-2019 Yearbook///Club Sponsor: Rose Daugherty-Rudd

Ukulele Club: Learn how to play chords and songs on the Ukulele///Club Sponsor: Patrick Oswald

Gaming Club: Learn how to play card games, board games, & p2p games///Club Sponsor: Taylor Johnston

Breakerz: Hip-Hop break dancing club///Club Sponsor: Anthony San

Al Exito: See Sra. Burleson for more info///Club Sponsor: Sra. Maria Burleson

Capoeira: Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Dance Club///Club Sponsor: Juan Lourido

Chess: Learn how to play and/compete in chess matches///Club Sponsor: Jake Hestbech