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see ppt with slides describing each club in depth-

Timberwolf Tennis: Learn the lifetime sport of tennis and make a few new friends too! Open to 6-8th grade students. “Tennis is for everyone!”

Video Game Club: Play the newest games with your friends.  FIFA 22 AND 2K22 on playstation 4!!!  Come have fun and meet new friends!

Club Sponsor: Mr. Wilson in room 249 Tuesdays from 3:30-4:10

Art Club: Explore a variety of visual art medias and methods, including Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Painting, Anime/ Cartooning and more!

Club Sponsor: 

Poetry Workshop: spoken word, lyrics, and a safe space

Club Sponsor: Mr. Shirbroun in room 127 Thursdays from 3:30

GSA: Provide a welcoming, safe, and inviting atmosphere for all students regardless of  gender, sexual orientation, preference, race, religion, ethnicity. Click HERE for more info

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Daugherty-Rudd in room 249 Wednesday’s from 3:30-4:10

Media Club: Run Harding’s social media sites and create digital and print media productions

Club Sponsor: 

Game Club: Develop problem-solving, social skills and nurture a competitive spirit through online gaming opportunities.

Club Sponsor: Ms. Tracy in room 230 Wednesdays from 3:30-4:10

Breakerz: Hip-Hop break dancing club focusing on collaboration, movement and personal goal setting. 

Club Sponsor: Anthony San in cafeteria on Mondays from 3:45-4:30


Sponsor: Thursdays in room 131 from 3:30

Register here:

Capoeira: Capoeira is a unique martial art that develops physical creativity and self-expression.  It also improves physical abilities such as strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and stamina.  Harding Capoeira clubs is an extension of the Roots Capoeira Program. Learn more here.

Club Sponsor: Amy Lourido  in the weight room on Wednesdays from 3:40-4:30

Sisters 4 Success: Part of a district-wide program, Sisters for Success unite young women to be inspired and motivated by each other. We help each other solve problems and achieve personal and professional goals. As Sisters we establish new, positive relationships and strengthen the ones that we have.

Club Sponsor: Ms. Hamilton in room 109 Tuesdays

Brother 2 Brother: Part of a district-wide program, Brother 2 Brothers establishes a brotherhood for mentorship, skill building and support for young men of color.

Club Sponsor: Mr. Dexter every other Thursday from 3:45 in room 151

Virtual Game Club: play your favorite computer games, try new computer games, and complete/compete against other members!!!

Club Sponsor: Ms. Carrington- Wednesday’s in the cafeteria from 3:30-4:15

Dream 2 Teach: Do you want to be a teacher?  Do you love working with kids?  This is the program for you.  This program will help pay for college if you go into the teaching field!!!

Club Sponsor: Mr. Simpson– see for details

Wolf Pack: Being a member of Hardings Wolf Pack means that you are a leaders and want to make positive change in our building.  Take part in monthly wolf pack assemblies, set-up events, gives tours of building, and enjoy incentives your peers will be jealous about!!!

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Long and Ms. Carrington

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8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Mark Shirbroun

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Rose Daugherty-Rudd

7th Grade Science Teacher

Geena Tracy

Student Engagement Coordinator

Jeanette Carrington

Special Education Teacher

Joe Wilson

Special Education Teacher

Adam Simpson

By Degrees Community Partner

Cari Long